For Private Sector

PROEBIZ eSolutions and services simplify procurement work while simultaneously improving bargaining power. Procurement specialists get a high level of informational support, IT support and professional support in supplier management, demand cycles and sourcing processes.


For Public Sector

PROEBIZ eSolutions and services provide greater protection against procedural errors, evidence of steps in preparing, awarding and evaluating contracts, traceability of the necessary information, and the option of high-level professional support by a team of specialist staff.


For Suppliers

BASE provides the opportunity for companies to be part of a catalogue of products and suppliers which PROEBIZ offers to hundreds of its long-term users of digital procurement processes and thus access a PROEBIZ market worth billions.


Our Mission

We are here to serve procurement teams and contracting authorities. We are the seeders and propagators of the digitalisation of their processes. We believe we understand trends in modernisation, transparency and the importance of savings, be they financial or time. We know how to use which solution and when. We are particularly strong in eAuctions; in terms of the number of competitions held we are among the biggest players in Europe.


What clients say about us

Tobogan / blog

Tobogan / 27th week 2018


Tobogan / 27th week 2018

As usual, I got a bad week for Toboggan. It was the shortest working week of the year, and half of the company were away on holiday, while many of the rest of us were recovering from our weekend in Slovenia. Here, a week or so later, is a memento of our rafting experience. On Monday we congratulated Martin Mikušec on his birthday which had taken place on Saturday, and he provided us all with some tasty treats. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos.

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