What PROEBIZ includes


PROEBIZ is a successful eAuction software system, but it is also refers to a shared environment of information, knowledge, supplementary software tools and eAuction experts in both purchasing and public procurement. It is therefore a product with high added value that facilitates transparent and economical behaviour while enabling companies to increase their competitiveness.

The name PROEBIZ has also been adopted as a label for our network of partner providers and educational events. We get the feeling that people often don’t realise that we are NAR, but consider us as the PROEBIZ team, which really doesn’t bother us much. PROEBIZ is now seen as a large multinational team and we are glad we were there at its birth.

Sometimes we use the term software system for our eAuction software because it is supplemented and supported by a number of our other applications that increase its functionality, such as Base, Templates and Coloring.