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Milan Kaplan

Milan Kaplan

Milan Kaplan was the founder of NAR marketing s.r.o. and one of the authors of PROEBIZ eAuction software. He is a marketing specialist and consultant, and the co-author of the books Company Purchasing and eAuctions and How to Buy More Cheaply and Better. He frequently shares his experience at expert conferences. He is the chief executive of NAR and the president of APUeN (The Association of Providers and Users of eAuctions and other Electronic Tools for Purchasing and Public Procurement) in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

NAR marketing s.r.o. is the driving force behind all PROEBIZ activities, the PROEBIZ trademark holder and the owner of the software of the same name. The company was established in 1996 following the transformation of N.A.R., Milan Kaplan’s company, which had been trading since the beginning of 1990.

In 2000 we discovered eAuctions for the first time and we gradually fell for them. Today we do not do anything else but disseminate eAuctions and eAuction-related knowledge in accordance with the needs of company purchasing teams and public procurement promoters. The headquarters of PROEBIZ is located in Ostrava. We have offices in Prague, Brno and Katowice. NAR has a one-hundred percent owned subsidiary called Sentinet which serves as an environment for testing new products and dealing with customers requiring special services.

For more than ten years we have been keeping a written record of the events happening from week to week that we call TOBOGAN. It is a notebook and a humorous weekly at the same time. We initiated the formation of an associations of eAuction users known as APUeN CZ and APUeN SK.

NAR marketing s.r.o. and Sentinet s.r.o. have successfully implemented the Information Security Management System ISO/IEC 2700:2006 and are also holders of a certificate proving conformity with the quality management system requirements of ISO 9001: 2009. This meets the requirements of Act no. 134/2016 Sb. on public procurement and ministry attested use for the "PROEBIZ" electronic.