2nd European Conference on e-Public Procurement, Lisbon

Time and Date

27. 05. 2014



Lisbon, Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon – Avenida Rovisco Pais, 1 – 1049-001, Portugal

The European Parliament is expected to approach the new Directives on Public Procurement on 15th January 2014, giving high priority to e-Public Procurement and so the 2nd European Conference on e-Public Procurement scheduled for LISBON 27 May 2014 will be the first big European event taking place after such important decisions.


Lectures and papers (presentations between 10 and 15 minutes) on:
a) How to change paperwork to e-Public Procurement?
b) Which methods and models can improve e-Public Procurement?
c) Which recent international developments within European Union?
d) Which most recent services offered by e-platforms?
e) Which technological new advances?


Program Chair: Professor Luís Valadares Tavares, Portugal

International Panel
Klodiana Canjka (Albania), Christian Galinski (Austria), Johan Van Steelandt (Belgium), Matej Sandor (Czech Republic), Tom Holsøe (Denmark), Richard Gargrave (EBRD), Didier Hardy (EC), Tato Urjumelashvili (Georgia), Carsten Prokop (Germany), Konstantino Kaggelides (Greece), Tamas Lorincze (Hungary), Bernardo Nicoletti (Italy), Gustavo Piga (Italy), Ber Grzegorz (Poland), Tadeusz Rudnicki (Poland), Fernando Silva (Portugal), Luís Valadares Tavares (Portugal), Manuel Caño (Spain), Safwan Nassri (Spain), Kerstin Wiss Holmdahl (Sweeden), Jan Siderius (The Netherlands), Kornelis Drijfhout (The Netherlands), Christopher Bovis (UK), Cliff Mccue (USA), George Krajcsik (USA).

Prices and Contacts

All participants including those presenting contributions have to register through www.opet.pt and:

a) Registration fee until 31 Dec 2013: 350 euros;
b) Registration fee since 1 Jan 2014: 500 euros.

Registration should be completed by bank transfer to BPI BANK (IBAN - PT50 0010 0000 3765 6350 0016 0 | SWIFT/BIC CODE – BBPIPTPL).

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