The first test is absolutely free!

Coloring We have been offering a free two-month trial of PROEBIZ since 2003 and because of its success we have decided to do the same with COLORING, which means that the first test is free from the initial scan to the final report.

What will be revealed?

Coloring presents summarised team results under ten parameters:

Atmosphere / Ethics / Performance / Effectiveness/ Communication / Cohesion / Co-operation / Changes/ Stress / Vitality

Coloring is a diagnostic tool for measuring the disposition of company purchasing teams. It is a way of gauging the prevailing working atmosphere. If it is carried out regularly every three to six months, the values can be represented as a trend curve, thus giving more meaningful results.

With the help of a diagnostic system created by our colleagues from DAP Services, COLORING is able to measure ten parameters which reveal the psychological state of your team and hence its performance level. It measures performance, effectiveness, ability to handle stress, ethics, cohesion and other parameters, all of which are important for a successful purchasing team. Continuous measurements at regular intervals provide the opportunity to monitor the influence of changes. The outcome is an automatically generated report which will be delivered to you in an email after all members of your purchasing team have been "scanned". We have striven to make this report simple, clear and understandable. If anything is unclear, we can provide either a commentary or a consultation service. This test cannot be individualised; the result will always relate to the team. Further information, including how to order COLORING, can be found here: