About PROEBIZ eAuction software

Current numbers (to end of 2016)

  • more than 182 000 eAuctions carried out
  • for tenders worth more than €17 billion
  • more than 22 000 eAuctions carried out last year
  • of which 20% were inquiries
  • has been used by more than 1 700 companies
  • has more than 4 270 current administrators
  • used in 7 European countries
  • has 337 long-term licencees

History – Our very first thoughts about eAuction software and the first lines of code came about as 2000 became 2001. The first time we successfully tested it for real was at the end of the summer of 2001. Since then it has undergone three radical changes, and not until its third incarnation was it named PROe.biz which has now been changed to PROEBIZ, without the dot.

Updates – The software is updated several times a year. A new version, or upgrade, is released every 12 to 18 months.

Software options – PROEBIZ is available in two licenced versions known as FULL and PROFI. FULL includes all the current functions and modules that PROebiz has to offer, whereas PROFI includes the most frequently used type of eAuction and gives the client the option to purchase other modules, functions and add-ons as they wish.

Language options – PROEBIZ can work multilingually during any one eAuction, so each participant can set their own language. The options are English, Czech, German, Slovakian, Polish, French, Romanian, Croatian, Bulgarian and Russian.

Types of eAuction – The most common types of eAuction are available through PROEBIZ. These include English Reverse Auction (ERMMA), Japanese Ticker eAuction (NIPPON), Dutch Ticker eAuction (HOLLAND), RFx inquiries, Brazilian eAuction, Yankee Capacity eAuction and other less frequently used ones.

The most frequently used eAuction type is ERMMA (English Reverse Multi-item Multi-criteria eAuction). It is the most popular amongst our clients and users thanks to its universality, because it can be used for anything from single-item eAuctions to very complicated ones including many items, suppliers, criteria, auxiliary calculations and weightings.

The ease of working with PROEBIZ – The basic knowledge needed for working with PROEBIZ can be acquired in four to six hours for those with everyday computing skills. This is the length of the first training session, during which trainees can set up their first real eAuction. Initial training sessions are held regularly at least once a month in our training centre, but the time and place may also be tailored to the particular needs of each client.

Software system – Because PROEBIZ eAuction software is supported by other pieces of software such as Base, Template and Coloring, we prefer to use the term software system.

Getting PROEBIZ – PROEBIZ can either be purchased as a permanent software licence known as PARK or can be leased as a VAH licence, which allows online remote access. VAH stands for Virtual eAuction Hall and is leased for a limited time, whereas PARK is for life, and therefore an intangible asset. The licence is non-transferable and is restricted to one country based on the client's address unless agreed otherwise.