The Library of eAuction Templates

Numbers and Categories


The library currently has 19 commodity categories, which are further subdivided into 91 subcategories, all of which have a template. In addition, the library contains 17 super-templates, which relate to a whole commodity category. Every template is designed to correspond hierarchically to the settings of a particular eAuction in the PROEBIZ software.

Number of templates per category:
- Construction (34)
- Food and drink (19)
- Machines, instruments, tools, spare parts (27)
- Computers, IT and telecommunication services (24)
- Office supplies and services (10)
- Metallurgical materials, metals and alloys (8)
- Transport, transport service and facilities (17)
- Electronics, electrical supplies (8)
- Healthcare (11)
- Energy, fuel (10)
- Cleaning and cleaning services (8)
- Chemicals (9)
- Waste management (9)
- Packaging (9)
- Marketing, advertising and printing (11)
- Financial service, insurance (11)
- Other services (17)
- Personal protective equipment (2)
- Other (10)

This library, known simply as TEMPLATES, consists of templates for 250 of the most frequently used and time-proven eAuctions. Each template forms a comprehensive pattern by which an eAuction can be set up quickly and easily, thus saving time. The library consists of templates for successfully verified eAuction settings along with instructions for creating tender documents. The templates are gathered into commodity groups, or categories, which have been formed based on the most frequent eAuctions in those categories. Users can choose an appropriate template from several options in the library which best suit their particular circumstances. As a pattern we use the most successful eAuctions based on the everyday experience of our HOUSTON specialists and what we learn from the ASSISTANCE PROGRAM. Other documents such as sample forms and tender documentation as well as case studies are also a part of TEMPLATES. More information including how to register for TEMPLATES can be found at: