What eAuctions bring

The Contribution of eAuctions
There’s much more to eAuctions than just saving money. They also increase the transparency of the purchasing process and save the time of purchasing teams. Experienced eAuction users are asked about their advantages in regular surveys where they choose the advantage that they consider to be the greatest.

One of our Slovak clients once said that he saw eAuctions as a full-contact sport, the first time that suppliers could compete on an equal footing. This straightforward and transparent form of negotiation is the foremost phenomenon of current purchase strategies. Time, money, transparency and provability are the deciding factors in both the company purchasing process and public procurement and eAuctions play an important role in all of these areas. Their transparency and reverse provability ensure the veracity of the purchasing process and protect the buyer.

The savings made through eAuctions can increase the competitiveness of companies and improve the investment options of institutions, yet it is misleading to associate eAuctions with savings only, because their repeated use will naturally lower and eventually nullify these savings. Nevertheless, repeated eAuctions ensure purchasing at current market prices and what’s more reveal the competitiveness of suppliers.