The eBF Conference: An annual meeting of eAuction followers

eBF in Numbers


Since the first half-day eBF with just a few dozen attendees, it has grown into a three-day event taking place in four conference halls simultaneously and involving more than three hundred attendees.


The total number of eAuctions carried out by eBF attendees is constantly growing, which we can assume goes hand in hand with the growing number of attendees and the general increase in eAuction users. Last year 7860 eAuctions had been carried out by the attendees alone.

eBF stands for eBusiness Forum

eBF is the longest-running, regularly organised event in Europe focusing on the use of eAuctions in both the public and private sectors and we aren’t aware of a bigger eAuction conference within thousands of kilometres. It first took place in 2005 as a one-day, single topic conference. The number of items in the programme has increased every year, and now, ten years later, it lasts three days and the programme consists of well over twenty separate items, i.e. presentations, workshops and discussions. eBF can be characterized as a huge workshop complemented by lectures and discussions. Talks during coffee-breaks are also an integral part of the event. Ever since it started, openness and the sharing of experience have been its guiding principles, experience in using eAuctions in the computerisation of purchasing decisions, and latterly in the evaluation of public tenders.

The conference has been taking place for several years under the sponsorship and support of the mayor of the city of Ostrava.

We, the people from NAR, play the role of organisers and moderators for the first two days and we take part in discussions headed by our invited specialists. The third day, on the other hand, is about us and it is free for all attendees. We call it PROEBIZ OPEN and on this day the moderators become the speakers. We introduce new projects, our latest research and analysis, and we also provide information about the trends we have come across. You can find further information, including how to register for eBF here: