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eBF 2017, Ostrava
Term: 8. - 10. 11. 2017
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Regular tutorials for PROEBIZ beginners

We organise PROEBIZ training sessions at our training centre in Ostrava every month. They are meant above all for eAuction novices and for administrators who need to revise the basics of eAuction settings. They are suitable for new employees of company purchasing teams or for those using PROEBIZ in the field of public procurement. They are run by HOUSTON trainers. Further information can be found in the calendar.

eAuction days

eAuction days are aimed at active users of eAuction software. The hands-on nature of the training and a restricted number of participants ensure maximum benefit. It has been developed by trainers of the teams of our clients, and it takes place in the form of a workshop. The theme is usually developed from a discussion at a previous eAuction day or from an interesting eAuction which was taking place at that time. We strive to make it possible to monitor a live eAuction so that participants can ask promoters questions about setting up and entering an eAuction. It is in the best interests of our participants that we always organise these events on the same days (the third Wednesday and Thursday of each month) at several venues across Central Europe, but please check the calendar in case of unforeseen changes.


We hold specialised seminars on matters relating to the purchasing process in the public and private sectors which supplement eAuction days and training for beginners. The seminars are led by PROEBIZ specialists or professionals who work with us.


  • Purchase from the point of view of operational management - Martin Wiederman
  • Strategic and operational purchase - Martin Wiederman
  • Supplier marketing - Milan Kaplan
  • Public procurement - Jaroslav Lexa
  • and others

Lecturer in eAuction negotiations - Certified course

This six-day course (generally three days in two consecutive weeks), is based on tutorial programmes for eAuction Specialists. This allows you to to get a comprehensive overview of the knowledge required to use eAuctions most effectively in both corporate purchasing and public procurement. The courses have been developed by eAuction specialists and PROEBIZ trainers from their experience of tens of thousands of eAuctions. The whole course is designed to teach new trainers how to lead intra-company training sessions of eAuction administrators. At the end of the course there is a test, and successful candidates will receive a certificate confirming the level they have achieved.

The project consists of five modules:

  • eAuction basics
  • eAuctions for services
  • eAuctions and investment tenders
  • eAuction and public procurement
  • Supplier marketing

This course is generally organised once or twice a year, once for the private and once for the public sector. You can find more information about dates in the calendar.

National eAuction Forums

The best-known types of PROEBIZ event are these two-day professional workshops. The first day is intended for company purchase team specialists and the second for promoters of public tenders from cities, health institutions, ministries and other institutions. These workshops are based on shared experience and mutually seeking solutions through the medium of open discussions. To organise such large events we need a sufficient number of clients and their eAuction administrators, so for now they only take place once a year in Prague and Bratislava.

More information may be found in the calendar.

Partner Events

We are not the only ones who organise tutorials focused on purchasing or the use of eAuctions in the public sector, which is why we offer to publicise information about the seminars, conferences and workshops of other organisers. We believe it is a good idea to show all this information in one place so as to give our clients as comprehensive a service as possible. We are happy to publicise relevant events for all our partners, competitors, and other organisers who, like us, serve purchasing and procurement teams. If you are interested in having your event publicised, please fill in the quick-contact form above.