PROEBIZ eLearning is up and running!

Advantages of using eLearning


eLearning is a growing trend which we are pleased to have joined. When new ideas have not yet had time to reach standard educational processes and textbooks, eLearning is an excellent solution. Although nothing can replace a classroom and teacher, it has a number of advantages:

  • Time independent
  • Inexpensive
  • Individual study
  • Study materials in one place
  • Study comfortably from your home or workplace
  • Certificate based on the course specialisation

Learn when and where it suits you.

We have created an online learning project on the Moodle platform encapsulating our fourteen years of experience in the field of electronic procurement. This is the first electronic certification programme dedicated to the issues of procurement, setting up eAuctions and presenting trends from the world of eSourcing.

Who is it for?

It can be of great help to our clients’ administrators, whose skills and knowledge vary. Some need help with settings, information repeated several times and a practical “dry run” test. Others can already handle routine processes with ease and are interested in tips for ways of making eAuctions even better. eLearning is an extensive and versatile project, not only for those who already use eAuctions, but also for newcomers who are just thinking about how electronic procurement could be a beneficial innovation for their firm. Thanks to eLearning, you can investigate the world of eAuctions without commitment and without risk.

What does it actually include?

Along with access to the course, students also gain access an eAuction glossary and discussion forums, and can even prepare their own PROEBIZ case as a practice assignment, thus they can try out how the settings work in practice.

The eLearning courses are made up of written materials which are interspersed with practical examples and ongoing test questions. Along with access to the course, students also get access to an eAuction glossary, discussion forums, and even to PROEBIZ itself for a training assignment where they can simulate how the settings work in practice.

How is it structured?

Basic eAuction course (A1 and A2)

A1 – Elementary: Entry level for eAuction beginners to learn basic operations and settings of simple eAuctions for everyday commodities.
A2 – Pre-Intermediate: Students at A2 level will master the basics of working with eAuctions in everyday procurement practice. They will learn to set up eAuctions with multicriteria evaluation, how to work with observers and the basics of setting up auxiliary calculations.

Do you want to become a certified specialist in eProcurement? Then go for it!

At the end of each level there is a certification process which consists of an end-of-course test and carrying out practical tasks and training assignments using PROEBIZ software. Certification is at two ascending levels: A1 and A2. In order to progress to a higher level, the previous level must have been successfully completed.

The entire eLearning programme is constantly growing and being enriched with new materials. We believe that it will continue to grow and flourish forevermore.

Don’t knock procurement on the head, but nail it along with your certificate!

If you have any questions, email us at or call +420 597 587 106.


Basic eAuction course for 12 months – 110 EUR (not including VAT)
Certificate valid for 24 months.
For further information about PROEBIZ eLearning courses including application form go to