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It usually takes a week from the time suppliers receive their invitation, which is the time they need to prepare their bids. From a purely technical point of view, an eAuction could be held within 24 hours, which happens with the repeat tenders carried out by certain clients.

This depends on whether your assessment is based on price alone or whether other economically favourable criteria are factored in. In the latter case price is just one parameter, but usually that with the highest weighting, typically between 75-90%, and other criteria are taken into consideration.

Yes. Other terms, known as Optional Conditions, can be negotiated by eAuction. They include things such as invoice due date, delivery terms, warranty period, warranty terms and order cycle.

After each eAuction we send the resulting reports to the tenderer. There are several types of report, including a report for each supplier, a detailed report showing every step and change in the eAuction, and an eAuction communications report. All reports are subject to ISO standards.

The eAuction system is supported in the most widely used browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.


The currency is selected by the eAuction organizer. Exchange rates for various currencies may be determined so that every supplier can convert their bids.

Yes, you can. Every participant can choose their access name and password. The access key will be provided by the administrator of the tender.

The system provides the option of assigning a rating to a particular supplier which will affect the weighting of their bid.

The supplier can inform the eAuction administrator about the problem by email, chat or telephone, and the administrator can then prolong the eAuction until the problem is solved, halt it temporarily or enter the supplier's bid on their behalf, having received it by email or fax. Any of these actions will subsequently be recorded in a report.

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Yes, cookies are necessary for the system to work properly.

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