Support from Houston

Help me, HOUSTON!


ENTelefon (eu): +420 597 587 171
CZTelefon (cz): +420 255 707 010
CZTelefon (m): +420 597 587 111
SKTelefon (sk): +421 220 255 999
PLTelefon (pl): +48 222 139 900
HRMobil (hr): +385 800 805 917

Quick contact

Houston is the name of our user support team and the place to contact if what you want to say is “Help me Houston!” The name Houston was penned by our boss after the famous mission control centre, and it is a place which supports all users of eAuctions, whether promoters or participants, and provides the Assistance Programme service. Houston is a room full of people wearing headsets, speaking many languages, and surrounded by numerous screens and projectors. A selection of ongoing eAuctions is projected onto a big screen for purposes of checking, supervising or analysis. PROEBIZ software is associated with a huge amount of eAuction know-how accumulated over many years and this experience is passed on to its users mostly via Houston. Houston is also the place where PROebiz trainers are educated and where our customers can send their administrators to be trained.