NAR marketing has been rated as a 100% reliable partner by contracting authorities

Contracting authorities in Slovakia have been carrying out an evaluation of their suppliers since February 2014. The evaluated suppliers had taken part in public tenders. The criteria assessed were compliance with contractual requirements, adherence to time requirements, number of complaints, compliance with the method of performance and compliance with the quality of performance.

Positively rated businesses as designated by the Slovak Information and Marketing Society in partnership with the National Information Centre of the Czech Republic have received the seal of approval for businesses operating in the Slovak market.

NAR marketing is among those companies which were rated as a 100% reliable partner by contracting authorities, which represents the highest level of satisfaction and highlights the seriousness and professionalism in the approach and conduct of NAR in the implementation of all projects in which it participates.

The evaluation also shows that business and the public sector can work together transparently, fairly and reliably.

Contracting authorities have worked with 14,724 firms during the past year, and more than a quarter of suppliers were evaluated, of which 1,454 were rated as 100% reliable, with NAR marketing being one of this select group.