eAuction outsourcing

The Advantages of Outsourcing

  • no initial investment on the part of the organizer
  • the organizer does not have to learn how the eAuction software works
  • the provision of specialists for the competition is the organizer's responsibility
  • the technical quality of the eAuction software is the organizer's responsibility
  • the eAuction is settled after it has finished

Quick contact

If you need to carry out just one or a few eAuctions, then get in touch and we will usually recommend one of our partners, although we don’t always turn down the chance to do an eAuction with our own hands, because when writing books and articles and preparing conferences we sometimes come across new ideas which we’d like to try out in practice. However, the numbers speak for themselves, and of all the eAuctions and RFx enquiries carried out on PROEBIZ during a year, only a fraction of one percent are overseen by us from start to finish, whereas most members of our partner network carry out many.