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Do you want to be a partner of PROEBIZ?

We can offer you the opportunity to join us and expand the PROEBIZ partner network. What we do is pleasant work, working with purchasing teams and public procurement experts. In spreading the word about eAuctions we are also improving the negotiating skills of buyers. If you want to join us, we really look forward to hearing from you!

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NAR’s partner network consists of a number of other companies which market PROEBIZ products or provide purchasing services for which they use PROEBIZ. These partners mostly specialize in carrying out eAuctions for suppliers or selling eAuction software in new markets. We are always looking for business partners, especially in markets which have been introduced to us by our international clients who have tried PROEBIZ in the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Poland and are interested in using it in other countries.

Business partners of PROEBIZ

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