Public Procurement


  • The introduction of a single process for the preparation and management of public procurement in all organizational units and levels of the contracting authority.
  • Effective management and control of public tenders.
  • Streamlining of routine administrative tasks when setting up and evaluating public tenders.
  • Complete electronic documentation of the tender and its results.
  • Predefined document templates.
  • Quick traceability of information.
  • Management reports and statistics.

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JOSEPHINE – Public Procurement Platform

Josephine is an effective and easy-to-use tool designed for the e-enabling of the public procurement process. It facilitates the electronic submission of tenders with straightforward control of each step, while complying with European directives and national legislation in public procurement. It fulfils the requirements of contracting authorities to carry out an entire tender from start to finish without any procedural errors, while delivering bonuses in the form of financial and time savings. The e-enabling of public procurement, including the electronic submission of tenders and their evaluation by eAuction, increases transparency, reduces errors and speeds up the administration of the entire process. All the tender records are kept in one place, and tenders are easily accessible for distant and even foreign suppliers. The tool allows both internal and external supervision of the planning and preparation of the tender, the terms and conditions of the competition, the execution of the competition and the archiving of documents.