As we announced at this year’s eBF, we are expanding our range of services from November with additional security, archiving and educational products. After thirteen years we have finally had to take steps to make economically viable the retrieval of archived eAuctions and RFx inquiries which took place more than two years previously.

Working with Archived eAuctions

The majority of PROEBIZ users only work with data that is no more than two years old. However, we have been archiving and maintaining an ever-growing volume of eAuctions for thirteen years, which is a costly process. This has led to the decision to charge a small fee for access to eAuctions archived more than two years previously.

eAuction Security

Similarly, rising costs have regrettably led us to the decision to charge a small fee for a service that we have always taken responsibility for free of charge. It involves the supervision of administrator security rights and ensuring that they are kept up-to-date. This ensures avoiding situations such as when an employee leaves a company still holding long-term access to the company’s data. It is, of course, up to you to judge whether such a security service is worth it for you.

PROcurement Knowledge Forum

We are gradually making available a library and database of textbooks, presentations and publications which will be at the disposition of all those interested. We have the authority which comes with thirteen years of know-how and thousands of pieces of material on the e-enabling of procurement in both the public and private sectors. It will include eLearning materials, tests and instructional courses, all delivered with a bit of spice.