BASE: The Shared Catalogue of PROEBIZ Suppliers

How to register with BASE


BASE has its own website address where it is possible for suppliers to register and subsequently monitor declared tenders and also to create and modify their own information card, which then serves as a method of presenting themselves to potential clients. BASE is a part of the service of PROEBIZ eAuction software, so may be used by all of its clients.

Quick contact

BASE is so called because Shared Catalogue of PROEBIZ Suppliers would be too unwieldy and its acronym SCOPS wouldn’t make much sense, while BASE conveys the sense of supplier base. It contains the contact information, listed by product group, of e-qualified suppliers, meaning suppliers who have eAuction experience.

BASE enables buyers to keep track of information about suppliers, including contact information, product list, references and reference notes. It makes it easy for the promoters of eAuctions to look up and choose potential new suppliers. Particular categories correspond to the most frequently carried out groups of eAuctions. BASE enables search by product, category, country or more detailed filters.