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We are here to serve procurement teams and contracting authorities. We are the seeders and propagators of the digitalisation of their processes. We believe we understand trends in modernisation, transparency and the importance of savings, be they financial or time. We know how to use which solution and when. We are particularly strong in eAuctions; in terms of the number of competitions held we are among the biggest players in Europe.


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Calendar of Events

Date and timeLocationType of event
29. 09. 2020on-line webinarTicker eAuctions (Workshop)
29. 09. 2020on-line školeníRESTART ON-LINE - pravidelné školení uživatelů PROEBIZ TENDERBOX (Regular training)
06. 10. 2020onlineWarsztaty z najlepszymi typami eAukcji (Workshop)
08. 10. 2020onlineWarsztaty - bezpieczne e-zamówienia (Workshop)
14. 10. 2020PrahaRESTART - Pravidelné školení sw JOSEPHINE (Regular training)
14. 10. 2020online webinářZměna zadávání VZ! (Seminar )
15. 10. 2020on-line webinářNejúspěšnější typy eAukcí - BRAZZIL a YANKEE - kapacitní eAukce (Workshop)
20. 10. 2020KošiceREŠTART - Pravidelné školenie sw PROEBIZ TENDERBOX (Regular training)

Calendar of Events

Tobogan / blog

Tobogan / 48th week 2018


Tobogan / 48th week 2018

Welcome to Anglický Tobogan, nebo Mikulášský Tobogan. Svatý Mikuláš in English is Saint Nicholas, which became Santa Claus, so basically they’re the same guy. So I think we can safely say that Mikuláš is the official start of the Christmas season. Yay! And to mark the beginning of the Christmas season at NAR we got the traditional NAR Christmas tree, this year bigger than ever! FOTO. Barča and Janička finished decorating this monster at 9:30pm on Thursday night, with the help of a few glasses of víno, and here it is: FOTO. They also set up the traditional Christmas shopping line, this year with the all new innovative numbering system :-) The top secret work was all going on behind closed doors, so nobody knows what they are going to get, no, no way: FOTO.

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