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19. 01. 2021


Note: This event took place on 19. 01 . 2021!

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The event “RISK management and how to profit from everything that 2020 brought” will provide a look back at the, in many ways, extraordinary year that has just passed - from the perspective of risk management. The speakers will look into topics such as restrictions caused by the epidemic, limitations of transport and production, and reductions in production capacities within the supply chain due to quarantine measures and demand fluctuations.


Moderated by: Jan Hirsh, guests: Tomáš Veit, Søren Vammen
Start: 13:00, lenght: 60 min

1) Risk management and detecting opportunities

  • Could the situation somehow have been foreseen?
  • What have we learned in regard to risk management?

2) Challenges in procurement - How to be prepared for:

  • Supply chain outages
  • Capacity reduction
  • Extension of delivery times
  • Fluctuations in demand and requirements from customers

3) Replacement suppliers?

  • How to find, acquire and attract them for our business?
  • Has there been an emerging pressure for better localization? For local purchasing?
  • Is price still a factor, or are we now just looking for someone to at least deliver?
  • Is there now a new space for e-auctions or can electronization help otherwise?

4) Human Resources

  • Working with your team

5) Changing attitudes and approaches


Søren Vammen

Søren Vammen is CEO of Kairos Commodities and the Danish Purchasing & Logistics Forum. He holds a MSc in Strategy & Organisational Behaviour from Copenhagen Business School. Søren has worked with the development of SCM and procurement for more than 25 years. His prime focus is on Macroeconomic risks and risks related to commodity markets. Søren is an External examiner at the executive MBA program and the Master program at Copenhagen Business School.

Tomáš Veit

Tomáš managed to shake things up in e-sourcing at the brewery giant Asahi Breweries. As Head of Procurement for Asahi Breweries Europe he is responsible for local teams and procurement activities in a number of European and Asian countries. Professionally, he focuses primarily on increasing the efficiency of local operational teams, including measurement of their performance, the introduction of a uniform IT infrastructure, development of eSourcing and tactical spot-buying.

Honza has been building experience in international procurement and logistics since 1995. He has led procurement teams in both small and large companies, such as Unipetrol and KUKA. He has dealt with a variety of projects in process management, mapping and analysis, process improvement, transfer of experience, teaching, translating and personal development training, as well as his own B2C project. In the latter, he combines his love of good beer and the fulfillment of his creative desire in graphics. He lives in a small village in the Ore Mountains and enjoys walking with his partner and the dog. He plays bass and sings in a thrash metal band. Among other things, he also enjoys the works of Terry Pratchett.

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