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20. 04. 2021



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Today, purchasing roles and strategies are changing and expanding dramatically. The purchasing department has a unique position between the needs of all internal customers and the portfolio of external suppliers. Thanks to this, it is now possible to use this relationship to obtain new values required by corporate management such as innovation from the supplier, environmental policy or risk management and the benefits of new solutions to mitigate the risks we face.


Moderated by: Jan Hirsh, guests: Jacek Jarmuszczak, Marcin Zborowski
Start: 15:00, lenght: 60 min

1) What does “purchasing strategy “mean?

2) On what basis is it created?

3) How do you involve your team? How do you motivate your team? How do you share the goals with the team?


Marcin Zborowski

With 15 years’ experience at Signify (formerly Philips Lighting), Marcin always looks forward to those technological changes that change and shape the entire lighting industry. His procurement adventure began when Edison's bulbs and fluorescent lamps still dominated the world. He currently leads a team of specialists who manage the costs of electronic lighting products throughout their short life cycle. Prior to joining Signify, he acted as a global strategic buyer and then as a project implementation manager at Philips Innovation Services. In this role he led a team for the design and assembly of machinery and equipment for the lighting industry. If you are in the office or just walking down the street and you come across a professional Philips LED lighting system, there’s a great chance that the electronics hidden in them have something to do with Marcin's procurement team. Marcin likes to share his knowledge and experience and to learn from other industry professionals at procurement conferences, which he attends frequently.

Jacek Jarmuszczak

Practitioner, experienced procurement manager, negotiating expert and strategist of generating savings in international markets. He started his professional career in Polish FMCG companies, for which he conducted purchase negotiations with suppliers from around the world. Later, as head of the electronic procurement department at the Carlsberg Group, he managed a team that conducted about 600 tenders per year for all factories around the world. As a Global Category Manager in the Carlsberg Group, he created a purchasing strategy and negotiated with key suppliers in the most demanding purchasing area: IT, professional services and the car fleet. An expert in the field of electronic auctions and e-procurement management systems. Has practical experience in the implementation and improvement of electronic tools supporting the purchasing area (Supplier Assessment, Contract Management, Internal Demand Circulation, Electronic Auctions).

Jan Hirsch

Honza has been building experience in international procurement and logistics since 1995. He has led procurement teams in both small and large companies, such as Unipetrol and KUKA. He has dealt with a variety of projects in process management, mapping and analysis, process improvement, transfer of experience, teaching, translating and personal development training, as well as his own B2C project. In the latter, he combines his love of good beer and the fulfillment of his creative desire in graphics. He lives in a small village in the Ore Mountains and enjoys walking with his partner and the dog. He plays bass and sings in a thrash metal band. Among other things, he also enjoys the works of Terry Pratchett.




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