Suppliers and procurement tools and how Ariba or OMV solve it

28. 07. 2021


Note: This event took place on 28. 07 . 2021!

Event Information

Are suppliers only a source of savings, or can they also be seen as a source of innovation and feedback for our purchasing processes? In this interview, we will consider the possibility of deepening cooperation with suppliers towards sharing their experience, the so-called Supplier experience. What procedures, processes and tools can be used for such cooperation and what benefits can be expected?


Moderator: Ivana Ondruchová,
guests: Zdeněk Mikeš, Ariba; Simina Mita, OMW AG
Start: 13:00, lenght: 30 minutes

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The entry is free of charge

Zuzana Kawuloková
Tel.: +420 597 587 106
GSM: +420 723 982 664

Masarykovo náměstí 33
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Czech Republic

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