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Do an eDoctorate in eAuctions

We have devised for you an e-learning programme which will teach you all that you could possibly need to know about eAuctions. Up until now, no doctorate in the knowledge of eAuctions has been conferred. However, we believe that when they are, graduates of this course will undoubtedly receive one.

Do you know how to effectively use special types of eAuction to improve your procurement outcomes?

Andrzej Kulbiński

Andrzej Kulbiński

Do you know about the Fair Sourcing Awards for digital procurement? Would you like to win one?

Marian Gałuszka

Marian Gałuszka

There are more than 6 000 PROEBIZ administrators in both the public and corporate sectors. Do you want to be among the best?

Jan Jedlička

Jan Jedlička

What is the PROEBIZ eLearning course?

It’s a totally unique electronic educational programme encapsulating the eighteen years’ experience of specialists working with the management of the PROEBIZ eAuction system. You will learn how to set up, run and optimise eAuctions directly from the developers of the most widely used electronic auction software in Central Europe. These experts have trained thousands of users and the bulk of their know-how can now be made available through a single web application. Course participants will also have access to the very same PROEBIZ software which is used especially for eAuction training.

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At this beginners’ level, students will learn the basics of eAuctions and eAuction settings for everyday commodities. Participants can set up an ERMMA eAuction themselves with a number of items and possibly a number of optional conditions.


Students at this second level will master working with eAuctions using a standard procurement approach. They will learn to set up multicriteria evaluation in eAuctions, find out how to work with observers and learn how to set up basic auxiliary calculations.


This expanded course is the intermediate level of online eAuction education. It focuses on a detailed description of PROEBIZ and all its functions. There are in-depth explanations of multicriteria evaluation, auxiliary calculations and types of assessment.


This is the highest level course purely concerned with PROEBIZ eAuctions. Students will mainly learn how to set up various types of eAuction and understand what each one is for and when to use them. Special attention is also paid to eAuctions and TCO.


This procurement course is being put together in cooperation with dozens of procurement experts from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other European countries. Its central focus will be on the practical applications of procurement theory and working with suppliers.


This is the highest level of knowledge in the field of procurement. It focuses on the application and implementation of further procurement theories and strategies. It will include observations, insights and perspectives into the issues of procurement from many specialists.

Why join the PROEBIZ eLearning course?

  • Nowhere else will you get as much knowledge about eAuctions as here. The emphasis is placed on the practical application of knowledge, so that you can immediately start to improve your own eAuctions.
  • Even if you’ve never used eAuctions, PROEBIZ software gives you a unique opportunity to get to understand how the whole system of electronic procurement works, and what its advantages and defining features are.
  • You will get access to the first and second stages (A1 and A2) of the Basic eAuction Course, which will guide you step by step through setting up an eAuction. What’s more, you’ll get access to a dictionary of eAuction terminology.
  • If you would like to verify your skills, passing the course will get you a certificate for the relevant level.
  • There will be at least ten eAuction specialists available in the discussion and advisory forum to answer the most complex questions on eAuction issues.
Basic eAuction Course
110 EUR
Procurement Course
in preparation
  • C2 – MASTERY

Prices are for 12 months per person and don’t include VAT.
Each course includes two certificates.

PROEBIZ eLearning digital education programme

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