digitalisation of procurement project

Working alongside our clients we will map and analyse the processes of identification, management and fulfilment of procurement requirements and using digital solutions for tenders. We will verify how many and which tenders can be carried out as eInquiries or as eAuctions, and propose the optimum type of competition. We will connect solutions and data to ease the workload of buyers, save their time and improve efficiency. The project also includes the potential for connection with a catalogue of suppliers.

Our ambition isn’t to interfere with a company's established procurement processes, but to suggest which steps can be digitalised, and to motivate, educate, demonstrate and provide proven ways of saving time and money.

This digitalisation project can result in a synergy with the interconnection of WENDY, PROEBIZ SYSTEM, and the BASE catalogue of suppliers and products.


Project Fees

Reimbursement for the costs of a specialist working one to three days a week for two to three months plus a pre-agreed fee for successful performance. The PROEBIZ products required for continuation of digitalisation are included in the price.

Modifications and Customisation

Any customization requirements are dealt with as extra work and are charged separately.

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