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The most widespread eAuction solution in Central Europe allows you to work with ten different types of tender. It’s possible to hold a competition for many products concurrently and to evaluate bids using a wide range of criteria and project the results in real time. More than 400 companies and organisations have been long-term users of the PROEBIZ SYSTEM. Above all they appreciate its STABILITY, LOGIC, USER FRIENDLINESS and sophisticated user support system.

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WORKFLOW is an eSolution for the management of requirements in both corporate and public procurement, from the initial formulation of a requirement through the stages of modification, approval, time-scheduling, settlement and archiving of documentation. It refines decision-making, and approval processes in particular are customizable for specific user conditions. It is designed with an emphasis on intuitiveness and ease of use.

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BASE is a shared catalogue of e-qualified companies. These are selected suppliers who participate in eTenders in the PROEBIZ SYSTEM. It includes more than 11 000 companies with a proven history in eTenders, along with their ratings and product information. This is not a random selection, but successful suppliers who wanted to be registered in BASE and who have agreed to provide information about their offer to other PROEBIZ users.

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katalog BASE


The ASSISTANCE PROGRAMME provides professional user support for corporate digital procurement. Great attention is paid to how to carry out corporate tenders using our eSolutions for the specific demands of the buyer with maximum efficiency and without process errors. We provide our know-how including provision of the most suitable eAuction template for a dynamic evaluation of bids.

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Asistenční program


In cooperation with corporate buyers, we are able to supply digital processes for the preparation and internal approval of tenders, for the formulation of the tender documentation, for receipt of bids, for the evaluation process and for the selection of the most economically advantageous bid. We are ready to analyse the characteristics of a company's procurement environment and thus select the appropriate eSolution and settings according to their needs and culture, to introduce the approval matrix, to train their staff, and to prepare and implement the first competition in cooperation with the buyer.

We can guarantee that digitalisation will result in procedural accuracy, the minimising of error, transparency and the achievement of significant financial and time savings. Thanks to our experience in creating eSolutions and delivering them to many corporate users, we know how and when it is best to use which solution. We are particularly strong in the digital evaluation of bids using eAuctions, in which we are among the biggest players in Europe in terms of the number of competitions held.

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