Our Growing Team of Experts


Our Growing Team of Experts

30. 08. 2018 14:07 Jan Šlachta

We’ve put a lot of serious thought into the idea mooted last year of selecting independent curators from among the ranks of successful buyers and procurers for each thematic block. It has hardly been noticed, but there has been a very big change since last year: automation. Bearing this in mind, we took this step cautiously and with a certain amount of fear, but it has turned out to be totally amazing. Sure, sometimes everything hasn’t gone totally according to plan, but overall the sense of the whole programme jumped out at us. This year we are putting our foot on the gas and have been looking for new curators from the procurement world not only for programme blocks, but also for whole stages at November’s eBF. More heads, more hearts, more ideas, more energy, more innovation.

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