Presentation in Zagreb - Live eAuction


Presentation in Zagreb - Live eAuction

23. 05. 2014 15:54 Jan Šlachta

The Zagreb Forum conference centre on April 10th was the venue for the latest installment of the ongoing programme of PROebiz presentations featuring live eAuctions. The eAuction was carried out using PROebiz software from NAR marketing in Ostrava to aid its promotion in Croatia with the help of the municipal authority of Daruvar.

Following the successful launch of PROebiz as part of its public procurement process, the municipal administration held an event to expand the project involving its department of legal affairs. It helped to establish contact with several local governments and ministries whose representatives attended the two presentations which took place in Zagreb. The latter was also attended by representatives of Zagreb city council and the state public procurement office, who showed great interest in the live eAuction presentation.

The presentation was carried out by three representatives of the Ostrava business: Zuzana Kawuloková, the PR manager; Lenka Kundratová, the sales director; and Beata Harazin, a senior consultant. Significant contributions to the success of the event were made by Olga Simonova, the head of the city's legal affairs department, who explained how the system works, and her colleagues Sandra Václavková and Ivana Mileková Husáková, who provided assistance during the presentation.

The presentation was also attended by the Mayor of Daruvar Dalibor Rohlík, who had held discussions in Zagreb with Lenka Kundratova, the Business Manager of NAR marketing, about the possibility of further cooperation in development projects in Croatia. If the advance of PROebiz into the Croatian market continues at the desired pace, then NAR marketing will need a training centre in Croatia, and it could well be in Daruvar.

Source: Jednota

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