13. 06. 2018 15:00 Jan Šlachta

EUPLAT, the European Association of Public eTendering Platform Providers announced today PROEBIZ as new member.

Created in 2000 PROEBIZ offers different solutions for e-Auctions, targeted to public and private sectors.

The products offered by PROEBIZ are interconnectable, providing maximum flexibility for eProcurement and easily adapted to the legislative requirements of different entities and countries.

Since foundation, EUPLAT has played a key role in the discussion, at both national and European levels, of solutions towards an inclusive a successful implementation of eTendering across Europe.

Playing a central role in the dissemination of best practices and pushing for the inclusion of more small and medium sized companies into Public procurement procedures, EUPLAT has been an active stakeholder contributing regularly for the definition of certification standards, interoperability standards, ESPD and best practices based on the accumulated experience.

Several EUPLAT members are now actively involved in interoperability projects, looking to bring into production the first interoperable transactions in pre-award using Open Peppol as the communication infrastructure.

EUPLAT members include the most successful eTendering platform providers, supporting +10.000 public bodies and +1,5 million companies across Europe, representing the largest community of Public e-Tendering users.

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