05. 10. 2020 10:15 Jan Šlachta

A decision has finally been made. The Croatian centre will be established in Varaždin, and not in Zagreb or the previously planned Daruvar. Firstly, there is better parking there than in Zagreb (from where it's only an hour by car) and, secondly, our new colleague Josip lives there. It seems there will be a Polish address in Cieszyn, and this will be decided quickly. The sixteenth year of eBF for public and private sector buyers will be totally online on 4 and 5 November.

According to reports from Zuzka and some of the participants, the preparatory BOARD meeting for eBF online in Bořetice in South Moravia turned out great. Starting today, two more small studios for webinars are being built in the heart of Proebiz HQ in Ostrava. It should be done in a week. The programme for October is complete. There will be thirteen webinars in five different languages. This will allow us to properly prepare for November’s eBF. We are preparing an opening campaign for DPS with catalogues for the Polish market. mk

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