02. 12. 2020 16:23 Jan Šlachta

Currenly, we have been promptly finishing all manuals, trying to avoid any mistakes in the process of changing the company name. Yes, on 1 December, we finally became PROEBIZ. /// November is traditionally devoted to eBF - festival and conference in one package. And this year - it was a tough row to hoe. In very limited time, we had to transfer everything online focusing on keeping the quality intact. We gave it a couple of shots and it worked out. We received your positive feedback and evaluation. Thank you. /// At last, our marketing team finished the new product list for tender software PROEBIZ TENDERBOX. To tell you the truth, we didn’t really know if we should push it as the trips are cancelled and we are in the process of renaming the company.

/// Our EU team has made an impressive deal guaranteeing the use of e-auctions throughout all branches of a major European bank. /// The largest Slovakian university has started to use MARQUET, our internal marketplace. They managed the implementation in just three months, including public tenders. /// The decision has been made to locate our Croatian offices in a magical town of Varaždin. /// mk

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