16. 02. 2021 14:46 Jan Šlachta

Even the entry into the new year and the toast associated with it were not very different from the last months. Just a big meeting on the internet. We are learning to live with the fact that we are PROEBIZ. It is still waiting that it will be possible to use it on Slovak materials. Our streams, which we named PROCUREMENT BOARD, somehow inadvertently change us. We started with them in November and there are almost twenty of them in January. We used the name from mini conferences that we organized before the Covid (Where are the times.)

We used the same name for the design of the upcoming semester study on modern purchasing with presentations of electronic tools, on which the purchasing process is based. It will be called PROCUREMENT BOARD ACADEMY (PBA). The basis of the content was invented and developed by Tomáš Veit from ASAHI and is great. We will start at the end of September in Czech and Slovak. We will be smarter then. mk

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