Workshop in Pula


Workshop in Pula

27. 05. 2016 11:32 Jan Šlachta

Last Thursday, on 19 May 2016, was organized a presentation of electronic platform for the application of electronic auctions in procurement procedures. Its goal was to present the usage of eAuctions in procurement for public sector institutions.

Our workshop were attending 18 procurement experts from public sector institutions of Istria. Program contained live commentary on eAuctions, which were running that day in PROEBIZ, as well as presentation of several differently evaluated eAuctions. Also, we presented various types of eAuctions and their usage in procurement. A significant part of this workshop consisted of presentation of experiences of Airport Pula with use of eAuctions in bargain procurement.

The discussion of participants was very interesting, but all participants agreed that eAustions are bringing benefits in procurement. We are looking forward to further similar workshops.


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