Advantages of purchasing a PARK software licence

  • permanent licence allowing independent selection of functionalities
  • lower price per eAuction in the long term
  • option of customisation
  • better connectivity to other software acquirers
  • independence, own security rules


When purchasing a PROEBIZ licence it also is necessary to conclude a maintenance contract outlining IT support and software maintenance, including data administration and provision of updates and upgrades. For those licences where hosting is on the PROEBIZ servers, data backup is part of the service.

Length of Licence

A PARK licence is permanent.

Number of administrators

Price includes provision for 25 administrators and each additional person costs 200 EUR.

Number of competitions is unlimited.


Licence rights

Unless agreed otherwise, it is restricted to one country i.e. the country of the client and the licence allows the client to use eAuctions for their needs only. The licence cannot be used by a third party.

Optional extras

Assistance service

The most frequently used PROEBIZ service, consisting of expert eAuction support utilising the knowledge we have acquired over thousands of eAuctions. Our consultation service provides advice on the most effective way of using eAuctions for particular commodities based on our how they have worked before.


Multi-licences are designed for holding companies or companies that are economically allied allowing each additional user to get a discount. The first company pays full price, the second one pays 90%, the third one 80% and so on down to 50%, which is the maximum allowable discount.

Central purchasing

Expansion of the rights to hold eAuctions in one centre for several economically allied companies or a chain of suppliers.


A library of three-hundred templates of the most successful eAuction settings for the most frequently required eAuction commodities.

BASE - The Shared Catalogue of PROEBIZ Suppliers

This three-tiered catalogue of e-qualified suppliers makes available information about a particular supplier to PROEBIZ users and clients.

Archive of eAuction cases

A service for storing eAuction data after two years.

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