WORKFLOW - management of workflow requirements

Workflow streamlines the management of procurement processes from the identification of requirements to their completion. It facilitates and speeds up the initial approval or reminder of the requirement and subsequently provides options for overseeing its processing, ordering, and evidence of its delivery and receipt.

It enables the processing of an unlimited number of single or multi-item requirements. The number of promoters, administrators, observers and attachments is unlimited.



We offer a free two-month trial under the Blue Pilot scheme. The number of requirements, administrators and approvers is unlimited. The only fee required is for the training of administrators and approvers.

Modifications and Customisation

In trial mode only basic settings are available. When the solution is acquired, it is essential that the requirement approval, modification and implementation processes are tailored to the particular needs of the client. Implementation is more time consuming than with other PROEBIZ solutions. Further customisation is possible.

Access to Workflow

Provision of access to the solution by remote access for one year or longer.

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Benefits of WORKFLOW

  • Requirement form structure can be customised to the user's needs
  • Requirement form structure can be customised to the user's needs
  • Ready for connection with PROEBIZ SYSTEMS and other information systems
  • Language versions Czech, Slovak, Polish, Croatian

Other Benefits

  • It offers a detailed overview of the status of the requirement process at any time
  • It verifies all individual process activities
  • It records the history of the process from the creation of the request to its completion
  • The solution is exceptionally adaptable

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