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19. 5. 2022.


Pažnja: ovaj događaj se je završio 19. 05 . 2022!


We can help you speak English - online, anytime, anywhere. Deepen your knowledge with us in a fun, easy and effective way. Each lesson focuses on a thematic area of Procurement and contains not only vocabulary but also specific examples of use with regard to English grammar.

Looking forward to seeing you Ivana and Alex.


Start: 13:00
lenght: 20 min

Moderated by: Alexandra Vysloužilová & Ivana Ondruchová


Alexandra Vysloužilová

Alex has been working in the translation industry since 2005. She had the opportunity to work on many interesting projects varying in fields (advertising, purchasing, transport, theatre or entertainment). Together with her team, she runs a language services agency that works with agencies all over the world. In addition to translating materials, she specializes in subtitle translation. She has a degree in marketing and communications, which she recently supplemented with a degree in English language teaching and law (minimum legal degree for court translators). She also completed a CELTA course organised by Cambridge University to improve her teaching skills. Alex has lived abroad in various countries (Australia, England, Spain). She loves hiking and is a big fan of theatre, film and music. She is also a happy mother of two children and one crazy shelter dog.

Ivana Ondruchová

A specialist who looks at eAuction issues in both corporate and public procurement through the lens of a professional administrator and trainer, Ivana has acquired her experience at NAR marketing, where she assists clients of the PROEBIZ project to resolve the most complex eAuction cases.

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