Catalog as a virtual company warehouse

1. 12. 2022.


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How to use the MARQUET catalog in companies with great effect as a successful virtual warehouse for fulfillment, approval, reporting and orders.


Start: 13:00
lenght: 30 min

Moderator: Jan Cudlín


Jan Cudlín

In the autumn of 2015 he became a member of the PROEBIZ Moravian Team. Currently, he’s a PROEBIZ trainer, teaching and helping to solve the most complex digitalisation issues and to implement solutions in both companies and institutions. He says about himself that his only attribute greater than his brilliance at everything he turns his hand to is his remarkable modesty :)

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Sofie Popova
tel.: +420 597 587 111
mobil: +420 702 206 105

PROEBIZ s.r.o.
Masarykovo náměstí 52/33,
Ostrava - Moravská Ostrava,
702 00, Czech Republic

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