Procurement basics

1. 2. 2018. - 2. 2. 2018.


VŠB in Ostrava (Czech republic)

Pažnja: ovaj događaj se je završio 01. 02 . 2018!


As our non-EU students traditionally struggle with getting Visa in time, they normally get on the campus only in the middle of semester. I find it really unfair so I offered them a two day wrap up of the winter semester procurement course.

And I figured out that it would be a great opportunity for any junior buyers, fresh graduates or even more seasoned procurement managers to review (refresh) the procurement basics and share experience. Also people who are interested in what procurement is actually about are welcome to join.

The course will be held in VŠB in Ostrava (Czech republic) on 01-02. February from 09.00-17.00 in ENGLISH. It is also feasible to participate through the video conference though the possibility to contribute to live discussion will be very limited.


We will cover 8 topics 90 minutes each, illustrated on a real life examples.

Day ONE: I. Procurement process and roles,
II. Category matrices and generic strategies,
III. Designing a category strategy,
IV. Total cost of ownership,

Day TWO: V. Contracting and relationship management,
VI. Developing procurement skills and capabilities,
VII. Performance management,
VIII. Tricks and manipulation buyers face

Cjenik i kontakt

Participant fee:
The course participant fee is 120 eur (3.000 Kč) including VAT. Anybody interested in the certificate will have to pass the same final exam (based on course material) as regular students.

Jan Vašek
Tel: +420 734 157 843

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