23. 6. 2021.


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Experiences, examples and demonstrations of the use of data, offered by one of the most influential data specialists in Central Europe, Rada Delina, a data advisor to major institutions, companies, who is currently teaching at the Technical University of Košice.


Moderator: Jan Hirsch, guest: Radoslav Delina
Start: 10:00, lenght: 45 min

  • a. Find out about the extraordinary increase in accuracy and efficiency that we bring to procurement with such data support.
  • b. Learn about the opportunities to compare the conditions of setting up tenders according to past data and information from the market.
  • c. Gather a quick evaluation of possible errors in tender settings and risk monitoring.
  • d. Understand the possibilities of improving the use of market research and suppliers.
  • e. Discover the influence of data on decision-making and explore how to improve the process of using data feedback.
  • f. And finally look into the opportunities provided by cooperation in the development of data services, data know-how and data-oriented education.


Radoslav Delina

Expert v oblasti využívání umělé intelegence na zpracování velkých dat. Participuje na několika mezinárodních projektech zaměřených na přípravu datových výstupů pro další analýzy vyhodnocování ekonomických nebo finančích rizik. Současně působí jako korespondent evropské iniciativy Evropské komise – eBusiness w@tch, eWork, e-Skills For The 21st a další.

Jan Hirsch

Jan has been building experience in international procurement and logistics since 1995. He has led procurement teams in both small and large companies, such as Unipetrol, KUKA and BLANCO. He has dealt with a variety of projects in process management, mapping and analysis, process improvement, transfer of experience, teaching, translating and personal development training, as well as his own B2C project. In the latter, he combines his love of good beer and the fulfillment of his creative desire in graphics. He lives in a small village in the Ore Mountains and enjoys walking with his partner and the dog. He plays bass and sings in a thrash metal band. Among other things, he also enjoys the works of Terry Pratchett.

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