24. 6. 2021.


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The dictionary we are going to present is different from all those already published as it primarily builds on practice and experience of the experts in procurement field. It unifies the terminology and interpretation of individual terms that are supplemented by specific experiences and approaches of many professionals, who are representing many disciplines across Europe, multiplying its added value.


Moderated by: Ivana Ondruchová
Guest: Mateusz Borowiecki
Start: 13:00, lenght: 30 min


Mateusz Borowiecki

Mateusz has more than fifteen years’ experience in international projects in procurement management, consulting and sourcing. He is an expert in IT projects, and has introduced the procurement systems of a variety of providers (Ivaul, Ariba, easyRFX, NextBuy). He has lectured at a number of procurement conferences and is the author of numerous publications on corporate procurement. He is a lecturer in postgraduate studies in procurement at Kozminski University in Warsaw and at WSB in Wroclaw.

Ivana Ondruchová

A specialist who looks at eAuction issues in both corporate and public procurement through the lens of a professional administrator and trainer, Ivana has acquired her experience at NAR marketing, where she assists clients of the PROEBIZ project to resolve the most complex eAuction cases.

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