How procurement can affect a shortage of raw materials

23. 6. 2021.


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What is causing the growing shortage of raw materials for production in Europe? What are the forecasts for 2021? What is force majeure and when can a supplier announce it? What is the difference between force majeure and a shortage of materials? Should we still offer our customers contractual prices and guaranteed delivery times? How to eliminate the negative effects of a shortage of raw materials and how to effectively implement supplier price increases for our customers. How to adjust the supplier's profile to the needs of our clients in the long-term.


Moderator: Jan Hirsch, guest: Bernard Adamczak
Start: 13:00, lenght: 45 min


Bernard Adamczak

Since 2010, he has been responsible for global purchases of plastics. In 2010-2019, while working for a first-tier supplier in the automotive industry, he was responsible for global sourcing and the implementation of new suppliers, price negotiations, cost reductions, and then managing a global purchasing category for 9 factories around the world. From 2020, responsible for the management and reorganization of the purchasing department in a European company distributing and producing plastics. In his private life, he is a fan of photography, good architecture, original Turkish coffee and beer from local breweries.

Szymon Tochowicz

He is an aerospace engineer who has garnered extensive procurement experience not only in the aerospace industry, but also in the automotive and marine industries. Szymon Tochowicz has managed procurement teams at European and global level in companies such as Rolls-Royce and Delphi. He now leads Eveneum where he specializes in developing and implementing procurement strategies that support digital transformation of his clients. He is passionate about the circular economy and the human-to-human element in business relations.

Jan Hirsch

Jan has been building experience in international procurement and logistics since 1995. He has led procurement teams in both small and large companies, such as Unipetrol, KUKA and BLANCO. He has dealt with a variety of projects in process management, mapping and analysis, process improvement, transfer of experience, teaching, translating and personal development training, as well as his own B2C project. In the latter, he combines his love of good beer and the fulfillment of his creative desire in graphics. He lives in a small village in the Ore Mountains and enjoys walking with his partner and the dog. He plays bass and sings in a thrash metal band. Among other things, he also enjoys the works of Terry Pratchett.

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