Paper vs digitized tenders

21. 9. 2021.


Pažnja: ovaj događaj se je završio 21. 09 . 2021!


An examination of the comparison between classic "paper" and digitized tenders with Bernard Adamczak and his guests. What are the advantages of each approach? Is it possible to estimate what percentage will eventually belong to digital tools?


Moderator: Bernard Adamczak,
guests: Tomáš Trenkler and László Bűdy
Start: 13:00, lenght: 30 minutes


Bernard Adamczak

Since 2010, he has been responsible for global purchases of plastics. In 2010-2019, while working for a first-tier supplier in the automotive industry, he was responsible for global sourcing and the implementation of new suppliers, price negotiations, cost reductions, and then managing a global purchasing category for 9 factories around the world. From 2020, responsible for the management and reorganization of the purchasing department in a European company distributing and producing plastics. In his private life, he is a fan of photography, good architecture, original Turkish coffee and beer from local breweries.

László Bűdy

Since 1997 he has been working in a several position in the polymer marketing and sales; he had spent 7 years at the biggest Central European plastics resin manufacturer before moved into the consulting in 2004. He have establis own consulting company In 2012; founded Weekly Commodity Price Report; by now has become the most popular commodity price report in Central Europe.

Tomáš Trenkler

Tomáš started using eAuctions in tenders in 2004 while working in engineering, which he had done for nine years before moving in 2006 to become one of the chief ambassadors of the PROEBIZ project. He built his reputation in the Slovakian market and since 2015 has been concentrating on new markets, especially abroad.

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