A Practical Guide to e-Auctions

26. 10. 2021.


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Moderator: Ivana Ondruchová | Guest: Jacob Gorm Larsen
Start: 13:00, lenght: 30 minutes


Jacob Gorm Larsen

Jacob is Head of Digital Procurement at Maersk and his responsibility is digitizing procurement end-to-end processes. He has +15 years with Maersk and for more than a decade been responsible for the e-sourcing & e-auctions. Maersk have executed +10,000 e-auctions across industries and in all parts of the world.

Ivana Ondruchová

A specialist who looks at eAuction issues in both corporate and public procurement through the lens of a professional administrator and trainer, Ivana has acquired her experience at NAR marketing, where she assists clients of the PROEBIZ project to resolve the most complex eAuction cases.

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