Suppliers and procurement tools and how Ariba or OMV solve it

28. 07. 2021


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Are suppliers only a source of savings, or can they also be seen as a source of innovation and feedback for our purchasing processes? In this interview, we will consider the possibility of deepening cooperation with suppliers towards sharing their experience, the so-called Supplier experience. What procedures, processes and tools can be used for such cooperation and what benefits can be expected?


Moderator: Ivana Ondruchová,
guests: Zdeněk Mikeš, Ariba, Simina Mita, OMW
Start: 13:00, lenght: 30 minutes


Simina Mita

Simina has been with OMV for over 13 years and is currently working in OMV Corporate Procurement. In this role she manages topics such as OMV’s Procurement Strategy, Supplier Relationship Management and Sustainable Procurement.

Zdeněk Mikeš

Over the last 12 years, he has known the world of purchasing from various angles, from the buyer, through the sourcing manager to the purchasing solutions consultant. Currently in the position of Head of Business Development for purchasing solutions at SAP, he helps customers find optimal ways of digital transformation in purchasing, finance and logistics. Zdeněk is also working on strategic projects associated with new solutions. In the spirit of "versatility is the key to the buyer's success", In his free time, he devotes himself to studying foreign languages, beekeeping and martial arts.

Ivana Ondruchová

Specjalistka, która patrzy na problematykę eAukcji w zakupach firmowych i publicznych przez pryzmat profesjonalnego administratora i lektora. Dużo doświadczenia Ivana Ondruchová zdobyła w spółce NAR marketing, gdzie jako wsparcie użytkowników pomaga klientom projektu PROEBIZ z najbardziej skomplikowanymi przypadkami aukcyjnymi.

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