The future of the procurement

12. 10. 2021


Uwaga: To wydarzenie już się odbyło 12. 10 . 2021!

O wydarzeniu


Moderator: Jan Hirsch,
Guests: James Marland
Start: 15:00, lenght: 30 minutes


Jan Hirsch

Jan has been building experience in international procurement and logistics since 1995. He has led procurement teams in both small and large companies, such as Unipetrol, KUKA and BLANCO. He has dealt with a variety of projects in process management, mapping and analysis, process improvement, transfer of experience, teaching, translating and personal development training, as well as his own B2C project. In the latter, he combines his love of good beer and the fulfillment of his creative desire in graphics. He lives in a small village in the Ore Mountains and enjoys walking with his partner and the dog. He plays bass and sings in a thrash metal band. Among other things, he also enjoys the works of Terry Pratchett.

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